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How to unlock your lifelong dream. And why it won't wait.
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Tuesday, August 29th - 10AM Pacific | 1PM Eastern | 6PM UK | 7PM CET
Visionista: a creative (r)evolutionary with a vision for change.
  • Are you a creative high achiever with a dream project that still eludes you?
  • Even after all you’ve achieved, do you still long to do something more with your life?
  • Have you started again and again, only to get bogged down along the way? 
  • Are you sometimes paralyzed with your own perfectionism?
  • Have you begun to doubt you have what it takes?
  • Are you just weary with the effort of it all?
Your Hunger for “more than this” is sacred. It launches a creative cycle that leads you back to yourself. The creative journey is not only what you produce, it is the process of becoming who you are.
- Katherine Robertson-Pilling
In this 90-minute virtual workshop, I'll guide you to:
  • Clarify the big vision project you must complete to live (and die) without regret 
  • Excavate the habitual barriers that keep you from realizing it
  • Learn the four phases of your creative process and where you're getting stuck
  • Identify what’s at stake if you stay paralyzed and fail to realize your project
You will leave with a renewed passion for your vision, the belief that you can make it real and the energy to take your next steps.
Join me for
The Visionista's Gateway
free online training to
Tuesday, August 29th at 10AM Pacific | 1PM Eastern | 6PM UK | 7PM CET
understand why you haven't achieved your dream yet and see clearly your next steps.
I am an international strategic creativity coach, creative process facilitator, and author of The Wheel of Creativity®. I help creative high achievers move from the busy-holism fueled by lurking self-doubt, to begin and complete their 
Big Vision Projects, so they can live (and die) without regrets.
In 2001, I was a passionate and successful TV writer/producer. But I was driven to exhaustion by workaholism. A faint inner voice was growing louder, “I just want to lie on my back in the sun with my eyes closed.” And my Life responded: Within months, I had lost my relationship, my home, and my job. Five years before Elizabeth Gilbert published Eat Pray Love, I left the USA on my own solo walkabout that ultimately led me to this work. Today I help everyday visionaries – closet creatives, corporate refugees and social entrepreneurs – achieve their most important life work.
"Create a (r)evolution. Start with your own life."
- Katherine Robertson-Pilling
"I particularly liked the meditation and exercises, which confirmed what I knew."
"This is EXACTLY what I need to hear and is
so brilliant & is giving me a way to proceed."
"Thank you for sharing your story - it instilled much hope in me to continue my journey towards serving women ."
– Takeaways from past participants –
"I'm so happy to be with this amazing community that always energizes me."
"My biggest takeaway is that it MATTERS to be in the company of others who want to deepen their creative life."
"We are all on the same road."
"On a scale of 1 to 10,
I would rate this call a 10."
"It is maybe the best webinar I’ve ever seen."
"As you broke things down bit by bit, it made me see a clearer path as to what is standing in my way of achieving my goals."
Save your place in
The Visionista's Gateway
free online training!
Tuesday, August 29th at 10AM Pacific | 1PM Eastern | 6PM UK | 7PM CET